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A fully interoperable system built in sets of API modules with front-end interfaces as an option

Equipping the unequipped and merging the heavy equipped

62% of companies do not have total visibility on their supply chain and most of the companies are still using old tools such as Excel. While there are quite a few organizations that do have some form of product traceability there are still many challenges and opportunities to improve on.

COTIT Delivering the 360 Solutions to client including Vimdesk, Neolink and ViaTag.

Integratable Traceability Tools

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Supply Chain Traceability

With ViaTag we are making each step in your supply chain visible. Each product unit is made unique with a unique identifier (UID) that is linked to BatchID’s, BulkID’s, Lot no. and other station identifiers.

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Business Operation Traceability

VimDesk is the operational console that gathers data and follows business activities extensively. With the ability to integrate and /or extract daily software tools such as ERP, MES, CRM, Finance, and more.

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Product Usage Traceability

The possibilities with NeoLink are focussing on (re)usage. With options like Customer Loyalty Program, Product Surveys, Product Ownership, Originality Verification and Recycle Management.

COTIT Modular Building Blocks System, where our solutions VimDesk, NeoLink and ViaTag can be build together.

A Modular Platform

Our goal is to make your supply chain visible and trace the product life cycle without creating a lot of fuzz and complexity. It is for this reason that we take your case and solve it from A to Z.