White-Label Our Powerful Software Modules

By leveraging COTIT’s powerful supply chain visibility engines, we deliver next-level visibility for your brand. Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs, allowing you to effectively navigate the complexities of your supply chain and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Integratable Traceability Tools


Business Operation

VimDesk is the operational console that gathers data and follows business activities extensively. With the ability to integrate and /or extract daily software tools such...

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Supply Chain

With ViaTag we are making each step in your supply chain visible. Each product unit is made unique with a unique identifier (UID) that is linked to BatchID’s, Lot no. and other station...

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Product use

The possibilities with NeoLink are focusing on(re)usage. With options like Customer Loyalty Program, Product Surveys, Product Ownership,Originality Verification and Recycle...

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Build your ideal visibility

Supply chain visibility is essential for navigating today's complex landscape. Gain real-time insights to optimize operations, minimize disruptions, and make data-driven decisions.


Easily configure pre-built modules to match your specific workflows and data requirements.

Seamless Integration

Connect seamlessly with existing systems and partner platforms for a unified view of your supply chain.

Robust Data Aggregation

Easily configure pre-built modules to match your specific workflows and data requirements.

Focus on the data that matters most

Prioritize the data points most critical to your business and eliminate unnecessary clutter.

Tailor functionality to your needs

Choose the modules and features that best suit your specific supply chain challenges

Create a user-friendly experience

Design intuitive dashboards and reports that empower your team to make informed decisions.


Powerful Features of our Platform


The Building Blocks of Visibility

Our 40+ pre-built modules cover everything from shipment tracking and inventory management to risk analysis and sustainability

The Power of Choice

Select the modules that align with your unique challenges. Start small, scale as needed.


Struggling with on-time delivery? Combine our Transportation, Risk Analysis, and Predictive Analytics modules for a holistic solution.


Tailored to Your Needs

Configure alerts, set reporting parameters, and design dashboards that put the most critical information at your fingertips.

Data Your Way

Create custom visualizations to track KPIs, compare performance, and identify areas for improvement.


Prioritize sustainability metrics? Build dedicated dashboards for tracking carbon emissions, ethical sourcing, and circularity initiatives.


Connect Your Systems

COTIT integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP, TMS, WMS, and other platforms through our robust APIs.

Unified Data, Unified Insights

Break down silos and gain a 360-degree view of your supply chain


Combine real-time shipment data from your TMS with production schedules from your ERP, optimizing inbound logistics and minimizing delays.


Make it your own

Brand the platform with your logo, colors, and messaging to deliver a seamless client experience.

Elevate Your Offerings

Expand your service portfolio with cutting-edge supply chain visibility solutions.


COTIT's technology, your client's trust. Build loyalty and enhance your reputation as a supply chain innovator.

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