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Get ahead of business by having a clear view with the advanced all-in-one system where your daily business activities can be managed transparently and work is done efficiently.

What is VimDesk?

Unify systems and Amplify activities

VimDesk is a business operating system built in separate modules, with each module having essential functionalities for the various departments within your company. An API-based solution that integrates with your existing applications. Our solution is not to replace your existing ones but rather to unify and amplify your total operation.

It’s almost unthinkable to work in a company without using any application. Technology helps us have more clarity on the daily generated work and be more efficient. As VimDesk is part of the COTIT 360° solution, it is meant in the totality of effectiveness to share business activities. Imagine being able to automate the way you share, for example, invoices, documents, contracts, project summaries, and so many more data required by those relevant to your business.

We bring it all together, secured and centralized

The current version of VimDesk exists out of the following modules. We will constantly expand with new modules to ease your processes to bring as much data closer together for you.

CRM Module

Relation management tool where all suppliers, leads, customers, and other parties are being organized to access with ease.

Financial Module

Compiling financial functionalities such as creating estimates and sending invoices and other essential parts are mandatory for every business.

Sales Module

Making results measurable by managing deal pipelines, activity logs, and features built to maximize revenue.

Project Management Module

All information around a project is logged and available to those you will give access. Think about it; every project cleared out, so there is no chance of miscommunication.

System Module

A control panel where the customization of your workspace is being done. Creating an optimal environment for employees, partners, and customers.

Ticketing Module

Managing internal and external communication, which could be arranged in specific groups. Accelerating customer experience and service.

File Management Module

Sharing, storing, and organizing files securely. Giving access to those that are authorized and relevant to the documents and files in question.

Logging Module

Prioritize priorities with a Follow-up system that connects with a calendar—being on top of past, current, and future activities.

ERP Module

Maximizing the productivity of fundamental internal and external departments such as Logistics, Planning, Order processing, Warehousing, Production, etc.

API Integrations

Connect to your other applications using their expertise, structure, and data. VimDesk gathers information from all your systems to create a total overview.

And many more to come!

Any ideas for future modules?

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Supported by clients of different industries

Most industries are pretty alike in structure, organization, and how they operate in general. We are challenging our COTIT 360° solution by onboarding very early adaptors from different industries in our current phase. Our goal is to develop a further solution based on practical experience instead of assumptions, and nice to have features that only work in theory.

Get inspired by knowing how VimDesk would value your business!

We are currently onboarding beta-customer projects, where we allow you to build unexisting custom modules or new functionalities within existing modules.