Aquaservice's success story

"Aquaservice, a respected family business started in 1970 within the aquatics industry, based in The Netherlands."

The challenge

Aquaservice is one of the more prominent brands within their industry, with the need for innovation and automation.

As they are a company that has been in the market for several years, they still work with an outdated system. One of the more significant challenges besides the lack of visibility in their operation is that a lot of time gets wasted with actions that can be fully automated.

Our Client Named Aquaservice about their Customer Success Story
Screenshot of how VimDesk is being used.

How Aquaservice benefits from the VimDesk solution

VimDesk is being used to overview all business activities in the company. So all client information is stored at their convenience, and they have a clear view of the products they ordered. Aquaservice can track all daily activities to understand where they could optimize and consider shifting the focus from doing a lot of administration to making more sales, for example.

How Aquaservice benefits from the NeoLink solution

NeoLink functionates as a Customer Loyalty program where all products/purchase history is linked to the client's profile. So Aquaservice could, for example, benefit from automated maintenance requests to proactively approach their customers.

Screenshot of how NeoLink is being used.
Screenshot of how ViaTag is being used.

How Aquaservice benefits from the ViaTag solution

ViaTag traces where the component is from and from which raw material. Where manufactured, when and under which circumstances. The data could be as detailed as they want if the suppliers of Aquaservice would release data on our platform, it could be even more in-depth. The benefit here is creating product awareness and increasing brand and product value.